Employment Opportunities System and Human Resources Website

Bronze Spear has been working with the Human Resources Department at the University of Manitoba since 1997. We provide them with an array of services including software development and maintenance, web site development, and consulting support.

The Employment Opportunities System is an ambitious, custom-developed web application that provides a secure, distributed system for creating, managing, and publishing job postings for the entire campus community. It has been in production use since March of 1998, handles close to 2000 postings every year. The system provides end-to-end handling of the entire job posting process:

  1. Initial drafting of the posting
  2. Several review and approval steps
  3. Public advertisement of the position on the web
  4. Automatic expiry of the posting on the application deadline
  5. Automatic generation of "results of competitions" page identifying successful applicants
  6. Archiving of expired postings for review and reuse.
  7. Access control and user management

The system runs on the University's Apache web server under Solaris, and is entirely programmed in Perl. Data for the application is stored in a Sybase database.

The Employment Opportunities System was featured in Portraits of Success, the University of Manitoba's 1999 annual report. They said:

"The Employment Opportunities Web Page from human resources is an example of the use of technology to both enhance client services and increase administrative efficiencies. More than just an electronic posting of jobs, it is a system that provides information on the preparation of job postings, instructions on selection procedures, and a supervisor's checklist for on-the-job orientation...."

The Human Resources web site itself is extensive and contains over 1000 documents (including a collective agreements, position descriptions, seniority listings and much more). The site makes extensive use of Adobe Acrobat to enable rapid posting of time- or format-sensitive information.